Curvel Baptiste

Born in the Caribbean islands, Curvel grew up in New York City where he developed a love for street fashion, urban culture, and the every day creativity that can be spotted on the streets of the City. Curvel's journey as a photographer began when he started experimenting with disposable cameras, eventually graduating to amateur iPhone photography, and growing into a love for digital photography. After years of playing around with his craft, Curvel's creative talents evolved into solid roots and his constant visual experimentation has helped establish his own creative studio located in New York City's Lower East Side.

Curvel's photography aims to maintain an element of rawness as a way of exposing human honesty, beauty, and fragility. These emotions are witnessed and experienced by each of us every day, yet it is often overlooked by the common eye. In contrast, Curvel's work draws people in to those personal moments, allowing the casual viewer to challenge their assumptions and examine the minutia. Creating these moments out of our surroundings has become Curvel's go-to for inspiration on both the professional and personal level, and his deep dives into the culture and energy of the human behavior - from the streets, attitudes, and the community - serve as a reminder of humanity in an increasingly regimented society. Minimalistic yet bold, Curvel's photography provokes thought and reflection through visual representations. In addition to digital photography, Curvel also serves as a visual director and documentary filmmaker.

If you’re interested in working or collaborating on a project hit me up.